STEP 1: Choose the color of your frame. To do this, please click on the drop down arrow next to frame, scroll down and click on your chosen color of frame to select it.

STEP 2: Choose the color of your insert by clicking on the drop down arrow next to inner. Then scroll down to select and click the color of inner you want.

STEP 3: Type in your message if you want your design to include a custom message. You can move this message around with the mouse when you see a plus sign with arrows, and place it exactly where you want it.

STEP 4: Highlight your message and select the font you want by clicking on the arrow next to the box where it says Select Font. A list of fonts will drop down, click on your choice to select it.

STEP 5: Select the color of the font by clicking on the box next to where it asks you to Select Font Color, a color bar will show up. Pick your color.

STEP 6: Upload your design by clicking on Choose File. Please push on the markers on the bottom corners of the image file with your mouse to to adjust the size of the image.

When you’re happy with your design, click Add To Cart, you can also save your artwork to your computer by clicking on Save.

If you want to design the other side, click on the box that says Click Here To Design The Other Side.


Khlobo customization tool is coming soon! Until then please feel free to email us all custom Klhobo requests for a quick quote.

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