What is Khlobo?

Khlobo is a multi-purpose sign and message system.  It allows you to display bumper stickers, decals and other messages on your vehicle or at your home or office.  Each Khlobo lets you display two messages on the reversible insert.  Changing your message in a “snap”!

How do I Install Khlobo?

Khlobo can be easy installed four (4) different ways:

  1. 3M™ Brand Double Sided Tape – Included with every Khlobo.  Simply place adhesive backed tape squares in the Khlobo square mounts per the Installation Instructions then attach to most clean, dry, non porous surfaces.
  2. 3M™ Brand Dual Lock (A removable/re-attachable fastening system) -Available at Adhesive backed Dual lock tabs allow you to remove and reattach your Khlobo. Ideal for installing on refrigerators, walls or anywhere you want to remove and reattach.
  3. Screws – Available at any Home Improvement store.  Screw Khlobo directly to any surface using #8 bevel headed screws.  Use anchors where needed and select the proper screw length based on the thickness of the mounting surface.
  4. Adhesive Backed Magnets  – Available at  – Place Magnets in mounting spares and install your Khobo on most metal surfaces.
Is Khlobo durable?

The Khlobo’s are both stylish and durable.  Frame and inserts are constructed of chemical and corrosion resistant ABS plastic.  We add a UV inhibitor to allow for years of use in direct sunlight.

Does Khlobo come in different colors?

YES!  Select from ten (1) different, vibrant colors!  Mix and match your frame and inserts to create your own color combination.  Pick team colors, school colors or just your favorite color!  Khlobo lets you choose!

Is Khlobo American Made?

YES!  Khlobo was invented and designed in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Our manufacturing facility is in Chicago, Il and we distribute from fulfillment centers in Florida and Hawaii.  We take great pride in being 100% American Made!

Can I create my own Khlobo?

YES!  Click on “Custom Creations” at and follow the easy, step by step instructions to create your own custom Khlobo.  Your colors, your message your Khlobo!

Is Khlobo available in High School and Youth Team Colors?

YES!  Khlobo wants to help you share your team spirit!  Contact us at for more information on school and youth league discounts and customizations.

What are some of Khlobo’s uses?

Here’s a quick list…We get more ideas and suggestions everyday!!

  1. Bumper Stickers! on each side of the removable insert.
  2. Decals & Stickers! Share your passions with the world.
  3. Message Board – Install on the refrigerator, walls or anywhere convenient.
  4. Signs – Create custom signs for your company or building.  Visit the “Custom Creations” section at
  5. Fund Raising – Khlobo makes is great for fundraising!  Put your organizations Logo on the inserts along with a message that describes your “Mission”.  Offer a Khlobo frame with six (6) inserts and you have a new message for every month!  At year’s end offer six new inserts for an annual donations.  Visit for information on Fundraising Discount Offers.
  6. Sports Fans – Support your favorite team in every sport and switch stickers and decals with each new sport season. Football, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, NASCAR!  Pro, College, Youth.  Order your Khlobo in your team colors!
  7. Company Signage – Share a new message every week or every month on all your company vehicles.  Keep people looking to see what you’re message is today!<