What are some of Khlobo’s uses?


Here’s a quick list…We get more ideas and suggestions everyday!!

  1. Bumper Stickers! on each side of the removable insert.
  2. Decals & Stickers! Share your passions with the world.
  3. Message Board – Install on the refrigerator, walls or anywhere convenient.
  4. Signs – Create custom signs for your company or building.  Visit the “Custom Creations” section at Khlobo.com
  5. Fund Raising – Khlobo makes is great for fundraising!  Put your organizations Logo on the inserts along with a message that describes your “Mission”.  Offer a Khlobo frame with six (6) inserts and you have a new message for every month!  At year’s end offer six new inserts for an annual donations.  Visit Khlobo.com for information on Fundraising Discount Offers.
  6. Sports Fans – Support your favorite team in every sport and switch stickers and decals with each new sport season. Football, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, NASCAR!  Pro, College, Youth.  Order your Khlobo in your team colors!
  7. Company Signage – Share a new message every week or every month on all your company vehicles.  Keep people looking to see what you’re message is today!<